Madeline Reed
Resume & Training
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Madeline Reed


(347) 683-7258

Height:  5’8”

Weight: 131                            

Hair:  Auburn                 Eyes: Hazel




New York /London Theatre



Much Ado About Everything  Betty (Beatrice) Zephyer Rep 
Broadway Bares 21: Masterpiece  Ma (Lead American Gothic) Josh Rhodes, Dontee Kiehn, Jerry Mitchell
The Unfortunate Honeymoon of Tony & Steve  Rachel (lead) Wings Theatre
Broadway Bares 20.0: Stripopoly Cannon (Opening Number) Josh Rhodes, Lee Wilkins, Jerry Mitchell
 The Patent Application  Secretary International Cringe Festival 
 Midsummer Night's Dream Snout/Wall Zephyer Rep at Wings Theatre

Summer Shorties 

 Amanda Carlson

Turtle Shell Productions

Broadway Bares 19.0: Click It

Featured Chef

(Sweet Treats)

Peter Gregus, Tammy Colucci, Michael Lee Scott

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom/ Sleeping Beauty or Coma

Sebastian Lore/

Oatsie Carewe

The Rep @ NYU

The Exonerated


The Rep @ NYU

Midsummer Night’s Dream


Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

The Famous Elephant Play

Director (lead)

The Queens Players

Merchant of Venice


Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

My Sister Underground

Diana (lead)

Looking Glass Theatre



The Queens Players


Gravedigger/Player Queen

Hudson Shakespeare Company







Fog Warning

Detective Powell (lead)

Christopher Ward – Wonderphil Productions

The Video Guys

Mrs. Russo (supporting)

Dan Brennan, dir.

Sad, but Endearingly So (music video)

Auditioner (featured)

Say Hi to Your Mom – Bill McCord, dir.

Office Nightmare

Amy (lead)

Vivian Bond – NYU


OBGYN (featured)


Visitor from Hollywood

Muriel (lead)

Laura D’Antoni – NYU

What If?

Abortion Doctor (featured)


High School Stories






Regional Theatre



Merry Wives of Windsor

Mistress Page

Classic Shakespeare Company

How I Learned to Drive

L’il Bit

Cornstock Theatre

Return to the Forbidden Planet


One World Theatre Company

The Crucible

Elizabeth Proctor

Cornstock Theatre

Steel Magnolias


Main Street Theatre

Twelfth Night


Cornstock Theatre

Singin’ in the Rain

Lina Lamont

Zellmer’s Dinner Theatre



Peoria Players Theatre

Good Person of Setsuan


Hartmann Center for Performing Arts







Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Professional Shakespeare Program

Acting:  Lynn Singer, Sally Dunn, T. Schreiber Studios, Lloyd Trott, Tim Hardy, Peter Oyston, Nona Shepphard

Voice/Speech:  James DeMonic, Leigh Dillon, Gregory de Polinay, Patsy Rodenburg

Alexander Technique/Body Dynamics:  Ilan Reichel, Carol Reynolds

Ballet:  Janet Moran, Alfonso Figueroa, Margeurite Duncan

Jazz/Tap:  Bart Herman, Cheryl Koenig, Michelle Loeffler

Unarmed Combat:  Bret Young

On-Camera:  Geoffrey Soffer

Improv:  Candace O'Neil Cihoki (Looking Glass Theatre), Billy Merritt (Upright Citizens Brigade)




Special Skills



Conversational Doctor-speak and Legalese, Photography, Renaissance Court Dance, Scottish Highland Dance,  U.S. Passport, Valid Driver’s license (stick shift), Dialects (Irish, High British, Texas), Paintball, Sketching, Trained in Firearm Safety, Sprinting in Heels

Madeline can also be found on IMDB.

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